English summary

  • §1 All lots are sold in the state in which they are found when knocked down, and the seller, the police and auctioneer shall be free of any responsibility in such respect. The lots auctioned are often of some age or of a kind which makes it possible that they may contain defects, deficiencies, or may be subject to restoration, which is NOT stated in the catalogue. Any person who wishes to bid at an auction should therefore satisfy himself of the condition of the lots for which he intends to bid by personal inspection at the preview held prior to the auction. The auctioneer is not responsible for the correctness of sizes and weights specified.
  • §2 All lots knocked down are left at the buyer’s account and risk and shall be collected immediately. If not collected in time, any such lot may without previous notice be sold confidentially or by auction for the first buyer’s account, and the first buyer shall be liable to cover any loss on such sale without having any right of a possible profit. The property in a lot sold shall not pass to the buyer until the purchase price has been paid in full.
  • §3 The buyer shall be the highest bidder at the "hammer price". Any person bidding on behalf of a third party shall be liable in surety for completion of the sale. Topauktioner is entitled to refuse to accept a bid if, when requested, adequate security or adequate payment on account has not been rendered. Bids should be made by the bidder in person at the place of auction. If after the knockdown it is questioned who was the highest bidder, or if several bids have been made simultaneously, the lot in question shall be called out again. The auctioneer will make final and binding decisions in all cases of doubt regarding the bidding.
  • §4 The purchase price is the hammer price plus 24% in buyer's premium, including VAT levied on the buyer's premium. The purchase price does not however include VAT (value added tax) since all lots are second-hand. The purchase price falls due for payment and must be paid immediately after the goods have been knocked down. Payment may be made in cash, or by Dankort. Personal foreign cheques or Eurocheques is no accepted. Any person bidding for others shall be primarily liable as surety. If buying jointly you will also be held responsible jointly. Other possible expenses for the public of the purchase price is paid in cash and indemnified to the undersigned.
  • §5 Supplementary conditions reserved.

Kim Egegaard, auctioneer.